Enable MVP launched!

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Welcome to our product evolution page.

It’s here that we want to share with you all the cool things we’re building at Enable. Since this is our first post, we’ll discuss what we have at the core and then deep dive on some of the features in later posts. Then, ongoing, we’ll post product updates here so you can follow the evolution of our platform.

We launched Enable’s MVP in July of 2023 with our first lender ecosystem that provided access to 35 DTC lenders. DTC, or Direct-to-Consumer, is where the funding goes directly to the consumer vs the merchant. DTC was an important part of our strategy because it allows us to approve every merchant who applies, without underwriting. Because the money is going to the consumer, there is no underwriting required. This means every merchant has the ability to offer the Enable platform through use of the DTC program.


White-label first

Enable was built from the ground up to be white-labeled. Our platform allows anyone to launch their own branded point of sale financing platform, without any of the heavy lifting on building tech or integrating lenders. Your brand front and center throughout, our platform powering everything.

Our white-labels are provided a business in a box and are given the necessary keys to manage their business. The Enable platform was built around the needs of a white-label user.

When a white-label user is logged into Enable, they have the ability to view/add/invite merchants, view all applications across all merchants, and even view/add partners. For a white-label, when they login, they see their entire business and have the ability to easily manage their portfolio.